What does Dialogue mean to you?

SOAS Muslim-Christian Dialogue Society had over 100 new names on our mailing list, and we’re ready for the dialogue to begin!

Our first meeting is this Wednesday at 5pm

In the meantime, here are some thoughts from Fresher’s Fair.
We asked, “What does dialogue mean to you?” 









Freshers Fair

Come, join the dialogue,
 or read the story of our conversation right here.


FIRST EVENT OF TERM: Wednesday October 2nd, Location TBA
So you’ve arrived! But did you leave your faith at home? University is a time to think and debate, to encounter ideas you may never have thought possible.
As Muslims and Christians, how do we respond to the challenges and opportunities thrown at us by university life? Is it possible to stay true to our childhood faith – or even to grow in faith in God – during our time at uni?

Come along to experience Muslim-Christian dialogue for the first time. We create an open and welcoming environment where we can share common ground and discuss differences, learning about Islam and Christianity from each other.Come and see what SOAS Muslim-Christian Dialogue is all about, with stories of personal faith and plenty of room for discussion.

Snacks provided (of course)!

To join our mailing list (if you don’t get a chance at freshers’ fair), please email 542487@soas.ac.uk.