Open Letter to Student Rights

As members of SOAS Christian-Muslim Dialogue Society, we oppose your vilification and targeting of university Islamic societies including SOAS Islamic Society on the issue of gender segregation in their events.

We support the right of each student to act according to his or her personal religious convictions. For some, segregated seating serves these convictions and allows participation in mixed events. We support the right of SOAS Islamic Society to accommodate both segregated and mixed seating in any event.

We oppose the notion that segregated seating is somehow indicative of extremism, and believe this to be motivated by Islamophobic sentiments.

As members of a Society including Christians, Muslims, and individuals of other faiths and none, we stand with SOAS Islamic Society in this matter.


The appended list of names represents members of the society who have expressed agreement with the contents of this letter. 

 1. Laura Hassan

2. Mujahid Dattani

3. Afia Ahmed

4. Johanna Schnell

5. Amina Bayoumi

6. Tariq al-Daour

7. Hind Alasgah

8. Zarqa Parvez

9. Nafeesa Mistry

10. Talene Bilazarian

11. Deborah Harrison

12. Salima Bandji

13. Rawia Tawfiq

14. Husaini Jamil

15. Lauren Pilgrim

16. Rabia Khan

17. Aneesa Eps

18. Makhdoom Mohsin Ali

19. Jasmine Arif

20. Omar Salha

21. Rene Sieger

22. Brittany Smutek

23. Karmel Aktopuk-Carey

24. Hanaa Hasan

25. Fatima Jama

26. Behar Sadriu

27. Anwar Anwar

28. Duncan Tarrant

29. Katya Nell

30. Hutabarat Nerci

31. Ecre Karadag

32. Caroline Osella

33. Jacob Hinds

34. Sila Ulucay

35. Anastasia Ravenall

36. Saqib Ali Rafiq

37. Maryam Siddiq

38. Jane Nurse

39. Tom Linton

40. Safiya Abdi

41. Helena Wondim

42. Nurullah Guley







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